Airfield users information

Here’s a brief summary of what airfield users need to know. Everyone who goes airside at the airport, from private pilots to contractors, must first complete our online health and safety induction.
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Airport information

Gisborne Airport covers an area of around 160 hectares. It includes our sealed and night-capable runway (Rwy 14/32) at 1,310 metres in length, as well as three grass runways suitable for light aircraft.

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Drone rules

Drones (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) are popular, but the Civil Aviation Authority has strict rules about operating them. You must follow them while flying to keep yourself, others and your drone safe. It’s dangerous to fly a drone anywhere near other aircraft.

The area around Gisborne Airport is controlled airspace, which means UAVs are not allowed to operate:

  • Within 4km of the aerodrome (unless specific conditions are met and you have prior authorisation from air traffic control). 
  • In airspace designated special use, or with any airspace restrictions.
  • Over runways or any other ‘active’ part of the aerodrome, including other aircraft.
  • In a way that causes a hazard for people or property.

Drone operators need to get clearance from the control tower by filing a flight plan with them using the Air Share app developed by the CAA.

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