Car parking

Parking is just metres from the airport terminal, and the first 20 minutes are free. Please make sure you take your ticket when you enter. Our parking charges are below, along with a quick calculator to work out exactly how much it will cost.

Parking calculator


Parking charges

These charges include GST. If you have any questions, please contact

0 to 20 minutes FREE
21 to 40 minutes $2.00
41 to 60 minutes $3.00
1 to 2 hours $6.00
2 to 3 hours $9.00
3 to 12 hours $12.00
12 to 24 hours $15.00
Days 1 to 5 $15/day
Day 6 onwards (Days 1-5 charged at normal daily rate) $10/day

Lost car park tickets will incur applicable car park charges plus a $100.00 administration fee. The maximum stay for any single period will be two calendar months, unless a prior arrangement has been made with airport management. Any vehicles that exceed a single period stay of two calendar months without prior arrangement will be towed.